Friday, March 28, 2014

Tape No187 - Valley Of The Broken Heart

01 - Evil - Short Life (1966 US) (F.A.R)
02 - The Magnificent VII - Show Me (That You Care) (196? US) (Dimension)
03 - Alan Burn - Agatha Abernathy (1967 US) (Tuesday)
04 - Sin-Say-Shuns - Bring Back My Good Times (196? US) (American)
05 - The Beats - Toda La Vida (196? NI) (Istmo)
06 - Anthem - Fast Suzi (1968 US) (La Belle)
07 - Tomorrow's Children - Take A Good Look (1967 US) (Brookmont)
08 - Whose Who - The Fun We Had (196? US) (Splitsound)
09 - Bartholomew Plus Three - On A Wintery Night (1966 CA) (Quality)

01 - The Treasures - Valley Of The Broken Heart (1964 US) (Valor)
02 - Leon Harmon - I Wanna Be Loved (196? US) (Alco)
03 - Chaz - Gentle Thursday (1968 US) (Picture)
04 - The Poor Boys - I Will Be Free (1965 US) (General American)
05 - Bittersweet - Show The People (196? US) (Cascade Sound)
06 - The Village Four - She Loves He (196? US) (Bootheel)
07 - The Night Walkers - If I Can Reach You (1969 CA) (API)
08 - Unknown Band - Unknown Title (196? US) (-)
09 - Baker Knight - Tomorrow's Goodtime Girl (1966 US) (Reprise)

Evil - Short Life

Whose Who - The Fun We Had

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M GR said...

garage tapes blogspot

michael vee said...

Another load of obscure but fascinating gems! (note the “but”: how could anything fascinating like this remain obscure?). The Beats’ Toda La Vida from Nicaragua must be the rarest of the bunch, and I’ll spare it for a future Latin America-installment. As for the rest, (Evil / Short Life a part(out of competition) my fave tracks are Magnificent VII (can’t find no info at all, not even a trace in Teen Beat Mayhem), Sin-Say-Shun's (wonder why this one slipped the net of compilers?), Anthem /Fast Suzi (from Oconowomoc, WI, say that 3 times fast), Whose Who (who moved from Ohio to Tucson, AZ to wax this beauty), Leon Harmon (garage?), Bittersweet (who hailed from Jackson, MS, the same tiny, rural place where my bread-givers live, hi Johns!), Village Four (flip appeared on MTMike’s Youtbube channel), and Alan Burn(s) /Agatha Abernathy (read the man’s bio at All in all, another shiny collier of precious pearls brother!

M GR said...

Thanks for all the additional info and the kind review bro!!!

(Much)more rare stuff are coming in the near future////