Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tape No188 - Runaway

The Dimensions LTD - Runaway


See some info about "Runaway" here.

A side of the comp is in a r&b, garage, beat mood
while B side features mostly pop-oriented and early sixties tracks.
Also see credits at the mp3 tag for track A7.
The Tommy & The Nightbeats tune is titled: "Come On Darling".

A-Side (free text)
B-Side (free text) 


M GR said...


garage tapes blogspot

michael vee said...

yeahh! a great set, another gt-highligt ! I've just gone thru the first 21 and each differs to the other a lot, all an apt hommage to the genius original in their own way..great sequencing , too! (I just think #21 is a no-fit but as you've put it last, it's ok..)
I'm still a little bit damaged after 21 runanwawys so i'll spare the 2nd set for tomorrow..

M GR said...

The Tommy & The Nightbeats tune will be off this comp (only the first 17 seconds are in pure "runaway" mood).
i'm gonna replace it to a future
Thanks for the lines and good luck with the 2nd set....

michael vee said...

I would keep the Tommy & The Nightbeats, tho' the structure is different (and I won't sue them for copyright infringement) it's sure "in the mood", kind of a "distant relative" .. beein' the final tune of the set it's kind of a "bonus track" (thinking it over, all tracks here are bonusses, right?)

M GR said...

A comp with 42 bonus tracks///
sounds good as a title//

michael vee said...

...latest, part 2 proves that this ain't a boring parade of pedestrian note-by-note-covers as I unwisely predicted...good listening fun from the start to the end! ... each group / artist does an original interpretation in his very particular style (I love the Small Faces cut!) and it's the subtle differences that make the entire set enjoyable... even Mrs. Anthony rocks (at least quite so), who would have thought? You hit it again bro!