Friday, March 7, 2014

Tape No184 - Free Your Mind

01 - Erik - Child Of The Sea (1972 US) (Gambit)
02 - The Sundae Funnies - Tell Me (196? US) (DAD'S)
03 - Scorpio Tube - White Birches (1970 US) (Vita)
04 - The Jades - Back Home (1968 US) (Omnipotent Prod)
05 - Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - The Sun Goes Down (1967 UK) (Fontana)
06 - Galileo Con Los Juniors - Compresion (196? SV) (Sellogrio)
07 - The Blizzards - I Know You're Cryin' - (1970 UY) (Prodisa)
08 - Purple Wine - It's My Mind (1971 UK) (Mental Health Council)
09 - Headstrong - Ode To A Heffalump (1969 US) (Amos)

01 - Total Energy  - Free Your Mind (196 US) (Temco)
02 - 3rd Power - We, You, I (1968 US) (Baron)
03 - The 5 O'Clock News - Don't Go Angela (1968 US) (Dynamo)
04 - Underground Balloon Corps. - Where Can I Go (1971 US) (Music Factory)
05 - Blue Sad -  51 (1971 DE) (Pabst Music)
06 - The Puding - Lo Bediyuk Ma She Ima Sipra (It's Not Exactly What Mama Told) (196? IL) (-)
07 - Gray Ghost - Black Sunshine (1971 US) (Pirate)
08 - Unknown Band - Wendy (196? US) (Apple)
09 - Whiznant Rikers - The Way You Do The Things You Do (196? US) (Blindman)

Total Energy - Free Your Mind

(See credits at the mp3 tag for tracks A3, A8, B6, B8)

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mc said...

thanks for your fast answer, dude.
i was typed and tryed with and without the spaces, key caps and so.
i guess it is because my winrar.
but today i did try with 7 zip and it worked perfect.
thanks again for the time you spend to share =D

M GR said...

@ mc:
you are welcome//

Anonymous said...

Hi ! You do a great job ! your tapes are awesome !
I miss tapes no 160 161 162 and I don't manage to download... Could ypu help please ! Thx

M GR said...

@ Anonymous:
ziddu links at tapes 160 to 162
are still active//
Type the Verification Code,
uncheck the "Download with ziddu accelerator and get recommended offers" box and save the tapes///
Let me know how it goes//

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot i found what i was doing wrong...

Anonymous said...

.. when is soon dude? sooner than never? later than ever? (I'm HUNGRY !)

M GR said...

@ Anonymous:
,,good one//
let's see..
The "coming soon" form was posted March 7// now its March 11... i'll be on a trip the next days so i'm guessing that soon is the coming weekend..
If it's ok with you////////

M GR said...


garage tapes blogspot

michael vee said...

I‘ll comment only the uncomped ones (which is nearly all of them!)… Child of the Sea:some of the very few 70s trax I dig!…. Sundae Funnies: TBM says ‘67 from Nevada , but don‘t mention the same title by on of the 3 the Sunday Funnies, anyway… (not too sure if I dig this track as it reminds me Chicago Transit….. uagggggrrrh!!!!! , …. Scorpio Tube: another catchy 70s tune, even better that track #1, (comped on Eigeneye, G100, the Flipsides, ha!)…. DDDBMT: a fave group of mine, and my ever first live-concert, too ( with Spencer Davies Group (track comped on Who Would Have Thought tho’)….Galileo Con Los Juniors: were the heck is SV? A Beauty!!!… Blizzards - I Know You're Cryin': sounds predictabe to me; if you know what I mean by that…..Purple Wine - It's My Mind: eerie, but nearly 5# is much too long for me :.. Headstrong - Ode To A Heffalump: tasty moody tune, must be quite a rarity (I don’t hear the pops, btw)! (nice fuzz guitar!)…. Total Energy - Free Your Mind: actually, the band hardly lives up its name…3rd Power: same band as Snow (Relics of the 60s)?…. this might somehow grow on me….5O'Clock News: just like the track before, I guess…. Underground Balloon Corps.: don’t like noodling guitars and I hate Vanilla Fudge, sorry…… Blue Sad: aus Deutschen Landen? Somehow fascinating, Dig the DIY production!…..The Puding: another eerie one, (unlike Vanilla Futsch, here we have nice rhythm patterns, a good groove and interesting harmonies) (this ones stays the nearly 5’ time test, but where the honk is IL????)…. Gray Ghost : some TX-combo as on “Plastic Shadow” comped on the Debris series? Again, another good one from the 70.. (maybe I’ve got bitten by the 70s bug by now?….)… Unknown Band: perfect smooth continue of the track before! And another enjoyable one, thanx to the appealing guitar work / sound (do I hear babaleikas and jews’ harp?) … Whiznant Rikers: perfect for the final track, with that little bit o’soul…(ok , you win Mike, seems I dig the 70s!)

M GR said...

@ michael vee:


Yes, IL = Israel and SV = El Salvador//

Also, i like this kind of comments...
it makes the world go around//
thanks dude