Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tape No208 - Misirlou

See some info about Misirlou in wiki.
Pic for the cover art found here.
Intro and outro sounds of this comp come from the earliest known recording (1927) of Misirlou (Μισιρλού)
by Tetos Demetriades (Τέτος Δημητριάδης).
There is a very interesting blog with lots of  Misirlou covers and many many infos here.
Also, see credits at the mp3 tag for tracks A1,A15, B6, B9, B12, B14.
A big "thank you" goes to my pal Michael for all the suggestions and all the support.

Les Chaussettes Noires

Bob Kames

free text (192kbps)


M GR said...


garage tapes blogspot

kost mah said...

Thank you very much.

michael vee said...

.. truly a BRILLIANT collection! Great research, and many versions I had never heard before. I am suprised how each version differs from the other which makes this installment various and good listening fun all the way through. Finally, it seems to me that Misrilou deserves its place in the hall of fame since its (one of the very) first examples of "eastern" melodies in western pop music. Kudos, Mr. Archivist!

Anonymous said...

thank you for a great compilation. You're artwork for back cover contains an error. The B side lists two track 12. Could you renumber the B side tracks correctly and show the correct back cover on your blog so it can be downloaded?

Thank You

M GR said...

@ kost mah:
you're welcome

@ michael vee
thanks for the lines bro/
till the next monothematic comp...

thanks for pointing the error at the b-side track list//
i replaced it with the correct one//

Timmy said...

These's are the bestest! Thanx.........