Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tape No207 - Real Girls In The Garage Land (Part LIII)

                          (pic: Vanusa)

The Apple Pie Motherhood Band - Flight Path

Lee Jung Hwa - Ggot-Neep


(see password at the comments)


michael vee said...

... alluring! (that's my comment)

Anonymous said...

Great Blog. I just discovered it. Unfortunatly there is a Problem with the links og gt001 up to gt162 as the Host "Mirrorcreator" tries to install viruses etc. when you click on the download button. Could you re-up this files on zippyshare? That would be great! Oh yes - the link to gt168 is down. Thanks!!

M GR said...

@ Anonymous:

my plan is to replace all the "Mirrorcreator" links with "zippyshare" ones.
But this will take time.
(-GT 110, 115, 117, 121, 52, 54 to name a few, are already replaced-)

I also know that "Mirrorcreator"
is not the best host solution but is safe if you click on the right
"boxes" and not at some fake adds//

hint: search for the ziddu links-
they're still active and you can easily take the files///

Yes, gt168 is down so i'll make new link later today///

thanks for stopping by///

François said...

Woaw Vanusa
I can't wait

M GR said...


garage tapes

Timmy said...

Another winner! Thanx...........

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael, Great Comp! If it is possible can you please start reuploading the older real girls in the garage" tapes starting from GT033 up to GT162 little by little? Thanks!

M GR said...

@ Anonymous:
Hi to you too//
from a fast check i can say that:
GT33: deposit files link is stil active/
GT34: the link is fine/
GT36: ziddu link is fine/
GT42: link is fine/
GT46: the link is fine/
GT48: the link is fine/
GT49: the link is fine/
GT50: deposit files link is stil active/
GT51: deposit files link is stil active/

and so on//

glad you liked the comp//
thanks for stoppin' by//