Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tape No72 - Real Girls In The Garage Land (Part XVII)

01 - Dara Puspita - Welcome To My House (1972 ID)
02 - The Pleasure Seekers - Mr Power (1969 US)
03 - Koncz Zsuzsa - Eretnek Vagy (1968 HU)
04 - The Yankee Dollar - Sanctuary (1968 US)
05 - Les Intrigantes - La Justice (1967 CA)
06 - Margo Guryan - Sun (1968 US)
07 - Os Mutantes - O Relogio (1968 BR)
08 - Pina Y Sus Estrellas - Los Extranos (1969 PE)

01 - Shelly Y Nueva Generacion - Vestido Azul  (1968 ES)
02 - Suely & Os Kantikus - Esperanto (1968 BR)
03 - The Intricate Blend - Insane (The Jungle) (1969 US)
04 - The Carolyn Hester Coalition - Magic Man (1968 US)
05 - The Feminine Complex - Time Slips By (1968 US)
06 - The Neighb'rhood Childr'n - Patterns (1968 US)
07 - Saffron - Vision Is A Lonely Word (196? ?)
08 - Sunset Love - Reach Out (1968 US)
09 - Kim Choo Ja - Spring Rain (1971 KR)

                                    (pic: Dara Puspita)

Les Intrigantes - La Justice (White Rabbit)

Suely & Os Kantikus - Esperanto

Kim Choo Ja - Spring Rain

A5  (Jefferson Airplane)


M GR said...

garage tapes blogspot

Anonymous said...

Thanks once again M GR for another fine post. You have given so much. Paul G.

jose kortozirkuito said...

Thanks for this compilation, I like:
Sunset Love - Reach Out
and Kim Choo Ja - Spring Rain
when: "Garage Covers of The Byrds" Part I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VII...?
Grettings from Spain

M GR said...

@ Paul G and Jose:
thanks for all the support

aint have time to deal with Byrds cover right now
and really ? so many volumes?
(i only have in mind four or five covers of "eight miles high")
anyway if you sent me a list
with 18 tracks of 60's Byrds covers
i'll be happy to make a post in the near feature

see you around

Holly said...

Excellent compilation - thank you!

M GR said...

thanks for stopping by//
glad you like the comp//

Anonymous said...

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M GR said...

@ Anonymous

just type:
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make sure caps lock are off
and the language bar is in English

Anonymous said...

For me this is the best garage blog that I have found in the web!! Many thanks for the work and exquisite taste!!
I had enjoyed very much all the girls in the garage land comps and another releases. MANY THANKS.

M GR said...

@ Anonymous
Thanks for all the kind words//
New stuff coming soon///

Anonymous said...

Weird link , I can't DL
Oh please do something Mr garage tapes

M GR said...

@ François
i quess i have to replace all the oron links...
try the new link...

Anonymous said...

You're a gentleman mr Garage tapes...

Anonymous said...

Just discovered you blog: excellent. Thanks a lot for your efforts

M GR said...

@ Philip:

glad you like the blog/
welcome to the club//