Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tape No71 - I'm Going To Change The World (Covering The Songs Of Eric Burdon And The Animals, Part III)

01 - The Other Guys - Inside Looking Out (1966 US)
02 - The 2+2's - I'm Mad (1966 US)
03 - The Soul Explosion - That Ain't Where It's At (196? DE)
04 - The Master's Apprentices - Inside Looking Out (1967 AU)
05 - The Spectrum  - Baby Let Me Take You Home (196? US)
06 - The Spiders - Boom Boom (1966 JP)
07 - The Carnabeats - When I Was Young (1968 JP)
08 - The Twilights - Baby Let Me Take You Home (1966 AU)

01 - The Sevens - I'm Crying (1965 CH)
02 - Los Monstruos - Vamos Hay  (1966 MX)
03 - Los Shains - Hey Gyp (1968 PE)
04 - Mandy & The Girlfriends - House Of The Rising Sun (1967 DE/UK)
05 - The Ad-Libs - It's My Life (1966 DE)
06 - The Mac's - No Me Dejes Ser Incomprendido (1967 CL)
07 - Los Bulldogs - Noches De San Francisco (196? UY)
08 - Los Shakes - Monterey (196? MX)

The Other Guys - Inside Looking Out

The Sevens - I'm Crying

A2  (John Lee Hooker)
A6  (John Lee Hooker)
A8  (Snooks Eaglin)
B3  (Donovan)
B4  (Traditional, Arranged By Hilton Valentine)
B6  (Bennie Benjamin, Gloria Caldwell, Sol Marcus, Nina Simone)

192kbps (new link)


M GR said...

garage tapes blogspot

jose kortozirkuito said...

Good covers, but it is very difficult to sing like Eric Burdon.
The Spanish band "Lone Star", has several covers, the singer has much feeling. if you want the command.
Greetings from Spain

M GR said...

@ Jose

i can't understand what "if you want the command" means but anyway if you have a link about the Lone Star covers
it will be welcomed.//
I have this double CD titled:Todos sus singles en discos EMI (1966-1972)
but no covers there...

agree about Burdon's voice but here in Garage Tapes we try to present a side of 60's garage music and covers are a significant part of this music

thanks for stopping by//
Greetings from Greece///

jose kortozirkuito said...

Sorry, my english is very, very deficient.
The "Lone Star" covers is in "Lone Star, un conjunto con antología" (1967). second Lp. This Lp is a 60¨s spanish music masterpiece.
The link is:
Grettins from Spain

M GR said...

vERY good LP.
We can understand each other
so y english are fine.
thanks for the link..

33_hertz said...

It's amazing to hear these covers, thanks so much for your efforts. Very much appreciated!!

M GR said...

@ 33 Hertz

Glad you like it//
I have at least two more tapes about
Animals covers in the working progress///
thanks for stopping by//

33_hertz said...

It's certainly not the first time I've visited and hugely enjoyed your selections.
Looking forward v. much to more Animals covers ;-)))

33_hertz said...

Can't even describe how much pleasure the Gloria tapes give/gave me!!
Thanks so much!!