Saturday, April 9, 2016

Tape No271 - Don't You Know

01 - The Peddlers - You Must Be Having Me On (1965 UK) (Philips)
02 - The Accidentals - How Can This Be (196? US) (Franklin)
03 - The Gorillamen - Folly Molly (1965 US) (Whiz)
04 - Dick Wagner & The Frosts - Bad Girl (1967 US) (Date promo)
05 - Georgie Porgie - Little Man (1964 US) (Georgie Porgie)
06 - Georgie Porgie - Hey Watcha My Lips Kiss You (1964 US) (Georgie Porgie)
07 - Les Homards Violets - Decolonisation (1967 FR) (JBP)
08 - Mydknights - Harbor of Darkness (196? US) (Mydknight Productions)
09 - The Matches - She Laughed At Me (196? US) (Jaguar)
10 - The Male Delivery - That's No Big Thing (196? US) (Phonograph)

01 - The Fastest Group Alive - Bad News (1967 US) (Valiant)
02 - Coralations - Don't You Know (1968 US) (Coralations)
03 - J.B & The Playboys - My Delight (1965 CA) (RCA Victor Canada International)
04 - The Heard - Poppies (1967 US) (Orlyn)
05 - The Leaves Of Autumn - A Love Lost (1966 US) (Orlyn)
06 - The Gorillamen - Pretty Picture (1965 US) (Whiz)
07 - The Recommended Dosage - Walkin' (196? US) (Delpha)
08 - The Sinners - Blues For A Dreamer (196? US) (Craig)
09 - Unknown Band - Unknown Title (196? US) (acetate)

Dedicated to all the friends and the good buddies of this blog.
(A big thank you goes to Michael Vee for all the help and support).

Also dedicated to some nutcase copycats youtubers out there.
These nutcases are often useful.
They make us smile...for a number of reasons...
Go copycats, go...

More "rare" stuff are on their way.

To all the re-upload requests:
we will try to do our best.



michael vee said...

smash all damned supermarkets, we wanna get blasted with more rare garage!!!

Anonymous said...


garage tapes blogspot

William Shakespeare said...

She was just a very bad dirty mean girl...

But her perfume lingers on...


Anonymous said...

Hello Michael, this time I was able to open the link without problems, and down load. It has so folded as before ... Thank you

karl drummer

Anonymous said...

Warning: extremely moody tunes. Play with extreme caution


michael vee said...

another hi lite! unbelievable there's so many tunes that have slipped a mention in TenBeatMahem! great job!

Alfredo Gustavo Casanova Gonzales said...

Muy bien, hay tan fabulosa musica, que uno no se cansa de descubrir y sorprenderse y envelesarse por estas ricas creaciones musicales del ayer. Felicitaciones por este gran desprendimiento musical y espiritual. Gracias por compartir. Hasta pronto.