Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tape No258 - Just A Matter Of Time (Moody Tunes - Part X)

A -Side
01 - Abbey - Love Is Funny (196? US) (Echo)
02 - Barry Ray - Angel To Me (196? US) (Drifter)
03 - Gary Bryant - Just A Matter Of Time (1965 US) (Jerden)
04 - Les Senders - Confidences (1964 FR) (DMF)
05 - The Gentrys - Make Up Your Mind (1965 US) (Youngstown)
06 - Steve Wilson - Feelin' Blue (196? US) (Corby)
07 - The Paniks - Can't You See (1966 US) (Orlyn)
08 - The Spyders With Berban - Just For You (196? US) (Spyder)
09 - Those Guys - You're Gonna Leave Me (1967 US) (IGL)

B -Side
01 - Johnny Holiday - My Ship Is Coming In (196? US) (WAM)
02 - The Gentrys - Sometimes (1965 US) (Youngstown)
03 - The Lastime Around - Heaven (1967 US) (Orlyn)
04 - The New Breed - She's Fallen For You (1966 US) (Benjo)
05 - The Stowaways - Pitter Patter (196? US) (Joanie)
06 - The In Crowd - Night Time (196? US) (WAM recording studios acetate)
07 - The In Crowd - Unknown Title (196? US) (WAM recording studios acetate)
08 - Ricki & The Alternate - Oh My Dearest Darling (1963 US) (Raven)
09 - Roy & The Royals - Spring Love (1963 US) (Lisa)



M GR said...


garage tapes blogspot

Anonymous said...

Another fine collection of moody obscurities

Anonymous said...

So many great unheard songs on here. Keep diggin em up from under the rocks! Thanks Sir

M GR said...

@ AZ54 and Anonymous:

glad you like the tunes//
(more and more "unheard" stuff is coming...)
thanks for the lines

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Any chances for a re up on your Arthur Lee and Loves Covers postings
or a download link too email
It is great to hear the variety you find



M GR said...


check the new links at GT83 & GT117//

(a third part with "Love" covers is coming soon---)

24HOURDEJAVU said...

i just wanted to thank you for the repostes on the LOVE covers

i sent an email but do not know if you received it

If you want some GLORIA covers I may be able to help you complete your cover


M GR said...

@ Bill:

you're welcome//
the email arrived just fine..
i'm gonna send you -the next days or next week- the full list of Gloria's
covers that is in my archive via that mail
and any help for more 60's versions will be welcome///


Anonymous said...

you r 2 kind thanks

josé guzmán said...

Excelentes aportes ; gracias por permitirnos poder escucharlos.