Friday, June 6, 2014

Tape No199 - If You Ever Leave Me Baby I'll Blow Up Your Farm

A - Side
00 - Intro (1961 US) (Crystal)
01 - The Paniks - I Can Beat Him Up (1966 US) (20th Century Fox)
02 - Crystal Palace - If You Ever Leave Me Baby I'll Blow Up Your Farm (196? US) (Eyelid)
03 - The Just Us Five - Tennessee Stud (196? US) (WA)
04 - We In A Nutshell - Now She's Gone (196? US) (Villa)
05 - Dave Van Ronk & Hudson Dusters - Head Inspector (196? US) (Verve)
06 - Eddie Donno - Rough Stuff (1960 US) (Capehart)
07 - The Night Crawlers - Feel So Fine (196? US) (Feathered Apple)
08 - Odin - Lost (1968 US) (Willman)
09 - Pete Martinez - Haunted House Ball (1963 US) (Towne House)

B - Side
01 - Sound Machine - Backroads Of Your Mind (196? US) (Fleetwood)
02 - Henry The IX - Don't Take Me Back Oh, No! (1966 US) (Showcase)
03 - Five's Company - Some Girls (1966 UK) (Pye)
04 - Charlie Malle - Mamma (1967 FR) (Disc AZ)
05 - Syndicate - My Baby Kicked The Bucket (1968 US) (Tee Pee)
06 - Fanny's Group - Teman Baru (197? ID) (-)
07 - The Rock Collection - A Sunny Day (1967 US) (Piccadilly)
08 - The Saharas - The Spirit Of '66 (1966 US) (-)
09 - Billy Joe Tucker - Death Is My Lover (196? US) (Banshee)
10 - Outro (1961 US) (Crystal)

Crystal Palace - If You Ever Leave Me Baby I'll Blow Up Your Farm

See credits at the mp3 tag for track A8.

From the guy that will blow up his girlfriend's farm to the Saharas promo tune for the 1966 Republican
party, here are 18 odd tracks for your listening pleasure.
(The Rock Collection's tune is comped at the 1968 LP "Battle Of The Bands #2"
on Panorama and i think that this is a hard to find comp.
So if anybody has this LP and want to share it with  the readers of this blog, a link will be welcome.)

free text (192kbps)


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is probably the most surreal garage type song I've heard. It sounds cool in a rather an uncool way ... like it came right out of Hooterville in 1966.

M GR said...

@ Anonymous:
I had similar thoughts when i first listened to the tune//
totally agree with the cool/uncool way//
but wait to hear the rest of the comp's tracks...
//thanks for the lines//

M GR said...


garage tapes blogspot

Anonymous said...

This is great!. Thanks for your postings!!

The links for tapes 10-16 are all down. Any chance for an update?


M GR said...

@ Anonymous:
I'll make a link for tapes 10 to 16
the next days///
thanks for stoppin' by//

michael vee said...

...latest since my Juanita Banana monster comp you know I've got a week spot for oddities, so no wonder I enjoyed gt199 a lot. Sure you've picked a bunch of rare and hilarious tracks here, my favorite beeing Billy Joe Tucker. Also, you did well to include the Fanny's Group (ID = Indonesia, right?). And the intro/outro fits well, too. Great comp bro! (I'm waiting for the next borderline-selection)

michael vee said...

.. just gave it a second listen, HILARIOUS fun it is all the way, track by track. Top drawer in my collection! (I'd love to know what about the pig in the bLow-up farm...?)... with your permission, I'll repeat I Can Beat Him Up in a next Batman comp.. my Baby kicked the bucket is another high of highlights!.... and Henry the IX too, ha ha!!... those spooky sound, then.... and those inapt rave ups... borderline-garage!...

djJohnny said...

Any chance of re-upping this and many many other great now defunct links of these great comps (Stones' covers, Steppin' Stone covers, etc...)? Great work!!

M GR said...

@ djJohnny:

we will do so but not at the moment//

there will be new links for almost every single tape from about #100 and up
in the near future//

please be patient//

thanks for the lines///