Monday, October 21, 2013

Tape No170 - Jezebel

See some info about "Jezebel" in wiki.

Also, a big thanks goes to Michael Vee for sending me:
audio bites from the soundtrack of the 1970 flick
"The Joys of Jezebel" (used as intros and outros in this comp),
the poster pic of the upper movie for the "tape" cover,
useful infos and suggestions via a lot of e-mails
(after all, this was a two-side work in progress) in the last 10 days,
and a few versions of Jezebel.
So Thanks a lot for the kind help.

Once again one side of the comp (B) features mostly pop-oriented tracks while
the first side is in a more r&b, garage, psych, surf, rock 'n roll mood.

...If ever a pair of eyes,
Promised paradise.
Deceiving me, grieving me,
Leavin' me blue.
Jezebel, it was you...

Johnny Kendall & The Heralds

free text (A-Side) & (B-Side) 


M GR said...


garage tapes blogspot

michael vee said...

thanks for your kind words and for your friendship bro...enjoy the Joys of Jez!

Anonymous said...

Hi & thanks for your work! These capchas don't work, i can't download! am i the one?

M GR said...

@ Anonymous:
sometimes free text is off line//
i just tried the links and they're workin' fine..
if you got any further prob send me an e-mail//

Helmut Knochen said...


There's a problem with connecting zippyshare on 170. The computer locks up. All of your other posts work ok.


M GR said...


i just tried out the links
and ain't seeing any problem//
maybe it's a temporary thing//
let me know if the problem solved/

Good Guy 666 said...

Any chance you could re-up these 2 parts? Both are offline on Zippyshare!
THANKS VERY MUCH in advance!

M GR said...

@ Good Guy 666:

try the new link///