Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tape No151 - I Wanna Be (Just) Like Louie Louie

The Sheep - Twelve Months Later



M GR said...


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michael vee said...

Ola amigo,
I finally made it to survive the LouieLouie-expedition! Most respect to you, this is a true, excelling masterwork that will always stand alone in the archeology of Garage as a complete compliation! Amazingly, listening to the 7 tapes was never repetitive or boring. I’ve learned that more than a “song”, LL is a free form open all kind of arrangement and instrumentation (even with sitar). It may remain in the same key (of E), but it may also be transposed into other keys, it might have a guitar solo but can also live without, it may or may not pick up the “false start” after the solo, and even its words can be changed adlib (from the original sailor yearning for his girl to “I can see/ my woman coming after me”), simply hilarious! Well done your choice to put the original version at the end of part VI , and the final “just like LL”-tape is the icing of the cake (excellent picks, I agree with Beg Borrow or Steal) I was proud to have participated just a little bit, thanks a lot for your time and passion! (I just wonder: it’s possible this unique opus gathered only a few comments?)

M GR said...

Hi Michael

Yes the LL project is over (or at least for now)
--i know that there are a lot of LL (and i mean garage, beat, surf. psych, r&b) covers
still out there and it's so hard to track them down but who knows, maybe in the future
we will post part seven as well--

totally agree with you about the free form of LL , the varius lyrics the "false start" (etc)
(i always liked the way Sonics changed the A, D, Em of the Kingsmen to a noisy A#, C#, D#)

thanks again for the the help and all the kind words..
really appreciate it

...we'll be in touch