Monday, March 4, 2013

Tape No143 - Louie Louie (Part I)

01 - The Nomads (1967 US)
02 - John O'Hara & His Playboys (1964 UK)
03 - Joske Harry's & The King Creoles (1963 BE)
04 - The Candidates (1966 DE)
05 - I Trappers (1965 IT)
06 - Jackey Yoshikawa & His Blue Comets (1967 JP)
07 - Falcons (1966 NL)
08 - Les Zeniths (1966 CA)
09 - Fugitives (1966 US)

01 - Les Players (1964 FR)
02 - Los Corbs (1966 ES)
03 - Pedrito Ramirez y Alfonso Maramon Con Los Yogis (1964 MX)
04 - Purple Hearts (1965 AU)
05 - The Flippers (1965 SE)
06 - Honey Ltd. (1968 US)
07 - The Beatniks (1967 CL)
08 - Margie (1967 CO)
09 - The Legends (196? US)

                     (pic: The Kingsmen)

Louie Louie was written by Richard Berry in 1955 and the most
known version is by the Kingsmen in1963. See more info in wiki.

First part includes versions of Louie Louie from all over 
the globe. Next 4 or 5 parts have mostly US versions.

(also, see credits at the mp3 tag for tracks A2, B4)

...see Jamaica, the moon above
It won't be long,
me see me love
Take her in my arms again
Tell her I'll never leave again...

Les Players - Si C’etait Elle



M GR said...

garage tapes blogspot

michael vee said...

.... next 4 or 5 parts ..? this means we might get 5 x 18 = 90 versions of Louie Louie? the turture never stops, this is no doubt much weiderer that 28 time Juanita Banana, don't you think? (downloading and waiting for part 2...)

muchas gracias y saludos calientes!

M GR said...

yes.. listening to Juanita Banana is like an extra light torture comparing to 90 versions of Louie/
but i can make things even "worse" and tell that i miscounted the versions and after all there are 6 parts (6x18) ready to party//

so more (three chord) torture is coming up/

thanks for stopping by
see you around//

michael vee said...

.. can't wait to get tortured! I enjoyed the 1st volume a lot, strangly, it's not monotonous at all, a great mix, and several tracks (such as the great version from Mexico and Margie's Pelirrojo Louie) were completely new to me.... once you're arrived at the final volume, I might cross-check with my own collection and send you tracks that eventually had slipped through... (if I should survive the torture, that is).. let me know!

M GR said...

@ michael vee

that is a very good idea..
after all, two searches
are always better than a single one//

M GR said...

@ michael vee

thanks a lot for the xls file.
I don't have the Beatchers, the Masters Apprentices and the Bourbons versions.
Didnt have the Keys version either but i found it easily after your comment.

Got all the youtube versions you mention, from cds or comps too.

(yes the Sandpipers cover is excellent.

If there is no trouble we can use email messages.
the mail of the blog is under the readers and up from the "YTube Branch" icon at the right of the page (just replace the [at]and the [dot] and leave the _ as it is)

thanks again

Anonymous said...

Hi, donde esta el link de descarga?, saludos.

M GR said...

@ Anonymous"
the download link is "behind" the "192kbps" text.
Then choose the GE.TT or the active links///