Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tommenton en la Cuadra Presenta...Holidays in Greece, 2nd visit Garage Tapes

The first quest of this blog is a friend from Spain who has a very, very interesting blog.
Here are a few lines from Jose.

Hello Garage Tapes friends.
I´m very proud to participate in this blog which I´ve been following since it began and in this series of exchanges with the Greek blogs I wasn't going to miss out!
Here I´m introducing the second part of “Holidays in Greece” a compilation of my favourite garage-folk songs. I think they're all wonderful but you can be the judges of that.
I've really enjoyed this series of exchanges and I see that you Greeks are a good bunch of people who are fun and attentive, I think I'm making a lot of good friends and I'm very happy about it. This goes to show that music is more than just a noisy demon that hurts our ears.
I hope you like this compilation which I've prepared with love and tenderness, the first part of which has already been posted on “Booze tunes” and the third is yet to come on “Acid years”.
A big hello to M.Gr, eminent archaeologist who isn't shy of diving into the deepest depths of music. I still remember our first contact over the magnificent cover of “Gloria” by “Illusions”.
Enjoy the music….
Jose Kortozirzuito.

Track List

01  Dovers - She's Gone
02  Sound Magics - Don't You Remember
03  Maike & The Sambles - Lonely Nights Again
04  Higher Elevation - The Summer Skies
05  The Night Fight - To Color Turn
06  The Living Children - Now It's Over
07  Palace Guard - Oh Blue (The Way I Feel Tonight)
08  The Jujus - I'm Cryin'
09  The Zone 5 - I Cannot Lie
10  Bryan Maclean - Alone Again Or (Second Version)
11  Dave & The Customs - He Was A Friend Of Mine
12  The Illusions - Wait Till The Summer
13  Kingsmen - If I Needed Someone
14  Beau Brummenls - Laugh, Laugh
15  Nightcrawlers - Washboard
16  The Leaves - Girl From The East
17  Phinx - My Baby Don΄t Care
18  The Enfields - I'm For Things You Do
19  The Roosters - You Gotta Run
20  The Thunders - I΄m Theone You Left Behind
21  Farewell 

Holidays in Greece, 2nd visit Garage Tapes 

Thanks Jose. 

The Roosters - You Gotta Run


wirtis said...

Hey bóder!! Justo estoy por publicar un disco que hizo el buen José: estamos en sintonía. Salud y felices fiestas!!

M GR said...

Health and happy holidays to you too..
Nice to see you around//

Anonymous said...

... great great great !
You did an absolut great Job !
I thank you to all I got

Hava a good Time, X-mas, New Year and go on on on on ...

regards Rudolf

Fuzzy Daddy said...

Εύχομαι καλές γιορτές , υγεία και αγάπη για τον καινούργιο χρόνο.

jose kortozirkuito said...

3rd visits is available in "Acid Years":

jose kortozirkuito said...

New "Holidays In Greece" 4ª Visita "Boozetunes":