Friday, July 13, 2012

Tape No120 - Real Girls In The Garage Land (Part XXXII)

01 - Lynn Castle - The Lady Barber (1966 US)
02 - Koncz Zsuzsa - Nincsen Olyan Ember (1966 HU)
03 - The Vejtables - Smile, Smile, Smile (1966 US)
04 - The Spike Drivers - Can't Stand The Pain (1967 US)
05 - Ali Babki - Your Grey Eyes  (1969 PL)
06 - Helene April - Ta Vallee (1965 FR)
07 - John & Philipa Cooper  - I'll Be More Than Satisfied (1969 ZA)
08 - Judy Franklin & The Hippies - Boys and Girls (1967 US)
09 - Lily & Maria - Everybody Knows (version 2) (1968 US)

01 - Mairi Alexopulou - Οι Κούκλες (The Dolls) (1971 GR)
02 - The Unspoken Word - Boy (1967 US)
03 - Samantha Summers - You (1969 AR)
04 - Seka Kojadinovic - Sta Cve Biti Sad (1968 RS)
05 - The Ashes - Is There Anything I Can Do (1966 US)
06 - The Children - Daybreak (1968 US)
07 - Patricia Fowler & The Exposure - Look For Me (196? US)
08 - We Five - You Were On My Mind (1965 US)
09 - Pic-Nic - El Es Distinto A Ti (Spain 1968)

                     (pic: Koncz Zsuzsa)

The Spike Drivers - Can't Stand The Pain

Koncz Zsuzsa - Nincsen Olyan Ember

Samantha Summers - You
The Vejtables - Smile, smile, smile



La Lettre S said...

Merci pour les découvertes

Darren Thomas Brennessel said...

Your blog is BEST I have ever seen! I am Darren from the one man garage band McFadden's Parachute. I will have some zip files of some of my albums available for you to download soon. Are the links for tapes after vol 21 active (the new ones after Megaupload? Thank you I am grateful for your offering of this music!!

M GR said...

@ La Lettre S:
you are welcome..
thanks for stopping by..

@ Darren Thomas Brennessel:

Hello Darren. Nice to have you here in this blog.
Have listened to some of your tunes
mostly via Ytube, i like them very much... great 60's sound.
Any zip files of some of your albums are welcome.
About the links:
All tapes are reposted (well all except 22 to 32 and i'm planning to repost them too in the near future).
If you 'll find a missing tape just let me know and i'll make a new link.
Thanks for all the kind words...
Hope to "see" you again...


Darren Thomas Brennessel said...

Michael, Thanks! That's so cool! I will try to get some zips to you ASAP. And I will inquire about some of your posts should I not find the links. I'll have some cool stuff coming you way soon! Take care-

Anonymous said...


thanks for all the postings. Unfortunately, all the links to no. 120 are dead,


M GR said...

@ Anonymous:
try the new link///

Dgrador said...

mediafire link is dead

M GR said...

check the new link//

Anonymous said...

wow that was fast, thanks. Very interested to hear the girls...

Cheers, Dgrador

mc said...

incredible selection, thanks for sharing man!
btw, check the password, it dont work or it was changed, and cant unpack the files

M GR said...

@ mc:
the password is:
garage tapes blogspot

in every post of this blog//

Don't copy/paste it//
Just type it//
Let me know how it goes//

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

Link to ziddu etc. is down. Can you reupload it please.


Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias!