Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tape No93 - Real Girls In The Garage Land (Part XXIV)

01 - Barbara y Dick - Los Dias De Pearly Spencer (1968 AR)
02 - Louise Forestier - From Santa to America (1969 CA)
03 - Popsingers - Vayamos A San Francisco (1967 AR)
04 - De Kalafe E Sua Turma - Guerra (1968 BR)
05 - Unknown Band - I Should Have Known Better (196? ?)
06 - Alba, Aris & The Olympics - Στη Μαμά Μου Θα Το Πω (1968 GR)
07 - Die Crazy Girls -  Der Feuerstuhl (1964 DE)
08 - Silvana Velasco - Si Encuentras A Mi Amor (1964 ES)
09 - Kim Choo Ja - Ga Buh Rin Saram Ah (1969 KR)

01 - The Neighb'rhood Childr'n - Happy Child (1967 US)
02 - Jo Ann Smith - Give A Man A Tree (1965 US)
03 - Kathy Lynn & The Playboys - Little Baby (1964 US)
04 - The Cake - Extroverted Introvert (1968 US)
05 - Francoise Hardy - Je N'attends Plus Personne (1964 FR)
06 - Black Men - Viva I Capeluni (196? IT)
07 - The Feminine Complex - Spooky (1968 US)
08 - The Soundsations - Cotton Candy (1966 US)
09 - Korean Black Eyes - Nights In White Satin (197? KR)

                             (original pic from Carter Brown's "Swan Song For A Siren" book cover)

De Kalafe E Sua Turma - Guerra
Kim Choo Ja - Ga Buh Rin Saram Ah

A1 (David McWilliams)
A3 (Flower Pot Men)
A5 (Beatles)
A7 (Shangri-Las)
B9 (Moody Blues)



wirtis said...

Hey M GR!! I pass by for give you a hug and wish you a merry cristmas with your family and friend!! Thanks for separated Loyce`s songs!!!
I answer you in myu blog too
I send you a hug!

Georgie Hirezola said...

Merry Christmas everybody...

YanavX said...

What a great compilations!
Thanks a lot!

M GR said...

garage tapes blogspot

Hogbacksoul said...

Hi!. Thanks so much but Megaupload doesn't work anymore, is there any other way to get this please?. Thanks.

M GR said...

@ Hogbacksoul

try the new link...

Bre said...

Hi, man.
This blog is absolutely AMAZING!
I discovered this with this Tape No93 and something is driving me nuts.

05 - Unknown Band - Unknown Track (196? ?)

The song is "I Should Have Know Better" but WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU FIND THIS?
What the hell is this? It's fucking crazy!

M GR said...

@ Bre:

I really don't remember where i got
this from//
and you're right, it's a cover
of the Beatles tune.
I corrected the track list.
Thanks for the info///

Vicente Matheus said...