Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tape No85 - Dance To The Bo Diddley Rhythm (Part I)

01 - The Streetcorners - My Generation (1965 US)
02 - The Stormies - Drums In The Storm (1966 GR)
03 - Adrian Lloyd - Lorna (1965 US)
04 - Phil & The Frantics - I'm High (196? US)
05 - The Belfast Gypsies - People Let's Freak Out (1966 IE)
06 - A Passing Fancy - I'm Losing You Tonight (1968 CA)
07 - The Rockets Combo - Topless A Go Go (196? US)
08 - The British Walkers - Watch Yourself (196? US)
09 - The Shags - Dance Woman (1966 US)

01 - The Stringtones - Ode To Rhythm & Blues (1965 SE)
02 - The Caravans - I Want Candy (196? DK)
03 - Jerry & The Others - Don't Cry To Me (1966 US)
04 - Just VI - Bo Said (1965 US)
05 - Kameleoni - Sunny Cry (1968 SI)
06 - The Chasers - Hey Little Girl (1965 UK)
07 - The Cobblestones - Down With It (1967 US)
08 - The Slaves - Get Out Of The Way (1966 AT)
09 - The Snaps - You Don't Want Me (1966 US)

Jerry & The Others - Don't Cry To Me

The Rockets Combo - Topless A Go Go

The Caravans - I Want Candy

A1 (Who)
B2 (Strangeloves)



M GR said...


garage tapes blogspot

jose kortozirkuito said...

Exciting compilation, I'm still dancing.
My favorite, "The Caravans" song "I Want Candy."

For Vol.2, listens "Diddley Daddy" from "Liverbirds."

Thank you for sharing so much music.

M GR said...

Hello Jose..
Y r welcome...
i'll put the Liverbirds "Diddley Daddy" at the "Who Do You Love (Covering The Songs Of Bo Diddley, Part II)" tape very soon..

Martialis Eureka said...

you own a chest full of gold..!
keep it up..
cheerz from greece

M GR said...

@ Martialis Eureka
ευχαριστώ για τα καλά λόγια...

Martialis Eureka said...

to GR me paraksenepse vevaia..
file,pragmatika tro-me-ri douleia.
to oti ta moiraseze,deixnei ti atomo eisai! synexise dunata!!!

Ben Burger said...

Could you repost Tape No85 - Dance To The Bo Diddley Rhythm (Part I)?
All of the links are dead. I'd be grateful if you did!

M GR said...

@ Ben Burger:

from a quick search:
ziddu link is workin' fine,
just uncheck the "Download with ziddu accelerator and get recommended offers" box, type the Verification Code and get the comp//
If you still have any problems
just let me know and i make some new links///