Friday, October 21, 2011

Tape No83 - Orange Skies, Covering "Love" Songs (Part I)

01 - Thee Sixpence - Can't Explain (196? US)
02 - The La Le Das - Little Red Book (1966 AU)
03 - Los In - Mi Pequeno Libro Rojo (196 AR)
04 - The Blues Inc - 7 And 7 Is (1968 US)
05 - Fallen Angels - Signed D.C. (1968 US)
06 - Tomorrow's Love - 7 And 7 Is (1967 NZ)
07 - Axe - A House is Not a Motel (1969 UK)
08 - The Eggs - Little Red Book (1966 US)
*(A8 bitrate is lower than 192kbps)

01 - Eyes Of Blue -  7 And 7 Is (1968 UK)
02 - Les Aristos - Ton Visage Maquille De Joie (1966 CA)
03 - The Menerals - My Flash On You (1966 US)
04 - The Purple Gang - Can't Explain (1967 US)
05 - The Druids Of Stonehenge - Signed D.C. (1968 US)
06 - The Galaxies - Orange Skies (1968 BR)
07 - The Kingbees - My Little Red Book (1966 IE)
08 - Zakary Thaks - My Little Red Book (1967 US)

                              (original art by: Bob Pepper)

Axe - A House is Not a Motel
Les Aristos - Ton visage Maquillé De Joie


M GR said...

garage tapes blogspot

jose kortozirkuito said...

He had long expected this compilation, I'm a big fan of "LOVE".
Very interesting. My favorites:
Axe - A House is Not a Motel and Les Aristos - Ton Visage maquille de joie.
Chance! the two that you've selected
I hope the second half.
Greetings from Spain

M GR said...

@ Jose
glad you like the first part of the "Love" comp.
second part is coming soon.
Greetings from Greece.

jose kortozirkuito said...

Hello my friend.

For the second part of Love covers, I heard "Signed DC" performed by "The Mourning Reign", magnificent, is in the Lp of the same name.

About "My Little Red Book", according to the booklet info of the first "Love" CD is composed by Bacharach / David.
You have good information on Wikipedia:
"Bacharach songs Were adapted by jazz artists of the time s, such as Stan Getz, Cal Tjader and Wes Montgomery. The Bacharach / David composition" My Little Red Book ", originally Recorded by Manfred Mann for the film What's New, Pussycat?, And promptly Covered by Love in 1966,'ve Become a rock standard, howeve, According To Robin Platts' book "Burt Bacharach and Hal David", the composer did not like Love's version. [6] The title of the song is likely to tongue-in-cheek reference to Mao Zedong's Little Red Book, Which was first published by the Communist Party of China in April 1964. ".
The Manfred Mann cover is very good. Is included in "My Little Red Book Of Winners!" CD.
You have a song by Burt Bacharach here:
Burt Bacharach deserves a tribute.
Greetings from Spain

M GR said...

Hello Jose

i'm aware of the Manfred Mann recording
of the Bacharach/David song.
However most of the bands featuring here are covering the "Love" version
of the "Little Red Book"
Anyway i'll bring all the info
at the next tape.

thanks a lot for mentioning The Mourning Reign version of "Signed DC"
it's a great cover

Anonymous said...

how can i listen to this tape?

M GR said...


Look at the "192kbps (new link)"
at the end of this post.
Mouse over.
There is a link behind these words that leads you to mirrorcreator page.
Wait a few seconds and at the end of mirrorcreator page you will see file hosting service sites like Freakshare, zippyshare etc.
For example choose the zippyshare link by clicking the "CLICK HERE" tab.
In the next page you will see: Please CLICK HERE to go to your download page.
click it.
At the zippyshare page click the "DOWNLOAD NOW" tab at the upper right of the page.
Save the compressed rar file at your pc.
Use a program to extract the mp3 files from the rar archive.