Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tape No68 - A Thousand Devils (Are Chasin' Me)

01 - The Thyme - Love to Love (1967 US)
02 - Don & The Goodtimes - You Were Just A Child (1967 US)
03 - Hugo - Girl In The Garden  (1969 AU)
04 - The Kitchen Cinq -You'll Be Sorry Some Day (1967 US)
05 - London Phogg - The Times To Come (1969 US)
06 - Teddy & The Pandas - Smokey Fire (1966 US)
07 - The Boys with Henry Suriya -The Wind Blows Your Face Away (196? SG)
08 - The Cascades - She'll Love Again (1965 US)

01 - The Cryan' Shames - (Love Is Like A) Heat Wave (1966 US)
02 - The Deep Six - Solitary Man (1966 US)
03 - The Fifth Order - A Thousand Devils (Are Chasin' Me) (1967 US)
04 - The Lotus - Just A Little  (1967 HK)
05 - The New Yorkers - You're Not My Girl (1967 US)
06 - The Poppy Family - Free From The City (1968 CA)
07 - Bella & Me - Help Me Break This Habit (196? SE)
08 - The Truth - I Can (196? US)

The Fifth Order - A Thousand Devils
The Thyme - Love to Love
The Boys with Henry Suriya  - The Wind Blows Your Face Away

side one:
track 01 (Neil Diamond)
side two: 
track 02 (Neil Diamond)
track 04 (Beau Brummels) 



M GR said...

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Anonymous said...

A thousand thank you's my dear friend! Paul G.

M GR said...

@Paul G.

y r welcome Paul

Kevin said...

Thanks for your efforts, it's very much appreciated...

Kevin Anthony

M GR said...

HEY Kevin..

thanks for stopping by,
glad you like the comp//

i visited the "psychedelic jukebox

i like the stuff there
great work//
see ya around

M GR said...

@ the Anonymous , about the 1966 "deep six" album: it's a rule in this blog not to upload a whole artist work..
anyway you can find it in soulseek if you search it there,,,
(i'm not publishing your comment because of the email in it)
if you have a hard time with sseek we'll see what we can do..

M GR said...

@ Anonymous: y r welcome

Anonymous said...

Hi there again. Thanks for putting up the new link on 101 and for reupping the old tapes. They're all FAB. However the same delays that are on 101 are true from Oron on 68-72. Have they changed their timings from downloads? Any chance you can put these on Mirrorcreate as well?

M GR said...

@ Anonymous (February 23, 2012) make a long story short i'll say this:
*ALL TAPES will be up
when i'll find a way (and time) to do it (right).