Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tape No58 - Real Girls In The Garage Land (Part XII) (The Obscure Path)

...well ok, this is not exactly a solid garage tape
(thats why i put the ''obscure path'' in the title)
but anyway, you can find some killer organs
in these tunes and some of the best female
vocals in all of the ''real girls in the garage land'' series.
Also the Kartina Dahari's tracks are ripped from the 128kbps
birthday podcast of georgi's internet radio show
(hope she don't mind).
thats all

A - Side
01 - Val McKenna -  Baby Do It (1965 UK)
02 - Tuesday Weld - Are You The Boy (1962 US)
03 - Jan Mink & The Little Darlings - Oh, No! No! (1966 US)
04 - Lily Dee Et Ses Miradors - Oh Lucila (196? BE)
05 - Linda Queen - I Feel The Pain (1965 US)
06 - The Singers - Oh Tuhan (1968 ID)
07 - Les Intrigantes - Sans Toi (1965 CA)
08 - Alberta Monteiro And Os Espaciais - Contradição (1966 PT)

B - Side
01 - Diane Castle - My Heart Belongs To A Devil Of A Boy (196 US)
02 - Susan Lynne - Even Though  (1962 US)
03 - The Reynettes  - New Orleans (1967 HK)
04 - The Reynettes - Rescue Me (1966 HK)
05 - Los Spitfires - Loco Amor (196? ES)
06 - Kartina Dahari – You Only Live Twice (1968 MY)
07 - Kartina Dahari – Look Into Your Eyes (1968 MY)
08 - Viparat Piengsuwan - Rak Tong Rorn (Love Passion) (196? TH)

The Reynettes - Rescue Me

Lily Dee et ses Miradors - Oh Lucila

side two:
track 03 (Gary US Bonds)
track 04 (Fontella Bass)
track 05 (Paul Anka)
track 06 (Leslie Bricusse / Nancy Sinatra)

Total playing time 40:00



M GR said...

garage tapes blogspot

Anonymous said...

The surfin' guitar sound on the Alberta Monteiro & Os Espaciais is really boss, but the Reynettes are the best on here, I think.

Cheers from Australia,


M GR said...

hey Nathan//
nice to see you around//
I agree: Alberta Monteiro & Os Espaciais track -that is titled
Contradição (i will fill the info track list later on)- is a great tune//

So are both tracks by the Reynettes//
i wish i had a better mp3 copy of
the "New Orleans" track to share...